Never Forget An Insight.

HyperArc BI automatically remembers what you queried and the resulting insights. Track your exploration and discover insights faster.

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HyperGraph AI - Memory For Your analysis

Native to the HyperArc BI platform, HyperGraph is the first-of-its-kind mind map for your data analysis. It remembers all paths of exploration about your data. Search, revisit, and compare across insights.

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Future proof your BI with HyperArc.

Next-Generation BI

HyperArc is a BI platform built to future proof your business.

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    Query Builder
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    Dashboard Builder
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    Integrate your data warehouse or leverage our lightning fast OLAP
Automated Discovery

HyperGraph AI enables automated insight discovery using natural language. Set a starting point and let the AI do the work.

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    Select an exploration starting point so that you can set the context
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    Let the AI identify parallel paths of exploration, build out your HyperGraph with insights, and surface relevant summaries
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    HyperGraph remembers all insights discovered so that you can search them later. This grows your collective repository of insights
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