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Whether you're curious about HyperArc's features, data handling capabilities, or integration options, we've got you covered.

What is HyperGraph?
HyperGraph is the first-of-its-kind visual representation of insights gleaned by an analyst during an exploration. We believe that there’s material value in what an analyst uncovers as part of an exploration that doesn’t make it to the final dashboard. We want to codify these “memories” and make them searchable for the entire business. Your HyperGraph grows as your business does too.
Is HyperArc a BI company or an AI company?
Both! HyperArc is a full-fledged BI platform that has query, dashboard, and other integration capabilities built by the industry veterans who built Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Tableau! HyperGraph is a proprietary AI feature that is our take on the next frontier of BI - your analysts’ memories. We've been building since early 2022.
What data sources can you consume / query?
HyperArc supports direct query against Snowflake, Google Cloud Services BigQuery, Amazon Web Services Redshift, and Amazon Web Services S3. For quick analysis, we also support CSV uploads in addition to API-based data sync. We have other Saas tools on our roadmap - if you have custom integration needs, we’d be happy to discuss them!
How does HyperArc ensure data security and privacy?
HyperArc takes data security and privacy seriously. It employs industry-standard encryption protocols to safeguard user data and implements stringent access controls to ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive information. As part of this effort, we are currently engaged in SOC 2 Type I & II audit which is scheduled to wrap up by the end of July 2024. We’d be happy to share a letter of engagement upon request.
Can HyperArc scale with my data?
Yes! For customers opting to leverage our managed query instance, we currently handle tables with 20B+ rows with no issues via our own OLAP engine. Whether you have a small CSV or large enterprise-grade dataset, we’re ready to partner.
How does HyperArc support collaboration?
While HyperArc already has native features around account permissions, folders, and sharing, we also have the first Figma <> BI integration that allows you to natively access your queries, dashboards, and data via your Figma FigJam board. Experience true collaborative analytics with Figma + HyperArc!
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